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The following is a description of the plans available for pre-arrangement of services.

The Basic Plan

The individual will provide the pre-planning professional with vital statistics needed immediately after death, including death certificate and obituary information and your choice of services and merchandise.

The Basic Plan involves no funding.  Records of this information are kept in our funeral home files.  In this plan and all plans, the individual(s) receive(s) an identification card to carry in their billfolds stating that a pre-arrangement has taken place with our Funeral Home and the phone number to call when death occurs.  The card is useful for those who live alone in case of sudden death, or for those who travel.

When the need arises, the surviving family members will complete any last arrangements (if any), along with funding.

The Inflation-Proof Plan

This plan is the same as The Basic Plan, except it includes funding for any (or all) services and/or merchandise selected.  The services and/or merchandise funded is placed with a third party (this being a State of Michigan requirement) through a guaranteed funeral contract which is in guaranteed trust.

With the trust your money will earn interest, and the interest is designed to keep up with the constant rise in inflation costs.  If at the time of death your family chooses service/merchandise that was not selected or funded at the pre-arrangement, they will simply pay for those items/services at-need.  In the case of interest overage, the survivors would receive a refund in the form of a check, for the amount of interest accrued but not needed for merchandise or services at the time of death.

Payment plans are available should a single payment not fit your budget.  Also, payment of a portion of selected merchandise and/or services is acceptable.  All funds (100%) are placed with the First National Bank of St. Ignace in Certificate of Deposit, Trust Department.

Family Independence Agency Plan

State of Michigan requirement

This plan is often referred to as the irrevocable plan.  One purpose of this plan is to “spend-down” an individual’s assets to become eligible for Medicaid benefits, should nursing home care (before or after admission) ever be necessary.  Specific forms are signed to make the guaranteed contract irrevocable.  The funeral home pre-planning professional will supply the necessary forms required by Department of Human Services (DHS).  The family can take or mail the paperwork to DHS, at which time the prepaid funeral arrangements will become an exempt asset, including interest.

DHS will allow an individual to pay for funeral services (cremation or earth burial) for yourself, your spouse, your children, your children’s spouses, and your siblings.

NOTE:  All plans are transferable to any other licensed funeral home in the world, if desired.  There may be a penalty for early withdrawal of funds from the bank.